Xpath locators in Selenium WebDriver

Xpath locators in Selenium WebDriver

Construction of effective Xpaths in different ways

What you’ll learn

  • Students or professionals will be mastered in Xpath expressions which are most useful in Selenium WebDriver automation


  • Any one who are willing to learn Automation Testing


This course talks about xpaths like what is xpath, types of xpaths, xpath operators, xpath indexing, xpath methods and xpath axis. This course is constructed in such a way that each and every topic is explained in detailed way. After taking this course you will be mastered in xpaths and you will be in a position to locate any object in the web page how challenging it may be.This xpaths construction are utmost important in automation using selenium 

Who this course is for:

  • Students who wants to learn automation testing, manual testers who wants to learn automation, professionals who wants to master in Xpath expressions