Teaching & Academics

English for Consultants and Economists - Beginner Level by Komou Adama

Teaching with Office - tools & tips to embed content by Anthony Hill

Learn Indonesian with Inten - Basics of Bahasa Indonesia by Inten Utari

Endocrine System Made Easy by Delles Simon

Learn Javascript in 2020 by akshay Mayekar

Edexcel IGCSE Chinese 4CN0-01 2018 Listening Online Quiz by David Yao

All you need about the vapor-compression Refrigerator by Rabert niknam

FRM Part 1 - Book 4 - Valuation and Risk Models (Part 2/2) by Analyst Prep

Fluid mechanics basics by Gorbi John

Axiomatic Probability - Mathematics by Great IT Courses

RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2019 - Part 1 by Srinidhi Ranganathan

Embodied Change by Inese Priedīte, Ilze Jece, Anne Merlin, Antonio Cargnello

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