Personal Development

Banish Worry and Stress and Live a Panic Free Life by Brent Dalley

The Self Confidence Mastery Course by Ibrahim Mustapha

Why Do College Students & Graduates Fail At Job Search? by Leo Loison

Feeling Stuck? A course on taking back your life! by Larissa Swart

The Bully Within by Veronica Hislop

Master your relationships for a fulfilling life by Tara Khanom

Mindfulness in Daily Life and At Work by Skill Boosters, Barry Winbolt

Get Things Done - 7 Productivity Hacks you Need to Know by Jimmy Naraine

How to Master Anger Management by Jake Johnson

The Applicant-To-Hired Masterclass: Career Coaching The Shy by Cristian Gray

Azure Project-Based Hands-on Training by Vijay Saini

Parenting Skills: Helping Children with Frustration by Stephanie Fedak

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