MindScapes in ChildPlay

MindScapes in ChildPlay

How to encourage confident divergent thinking in your child

What you’ll learn

  • To raise confident children with strong imaginations where divergent thinking comes naturally.
  • How to interact with your child where you encourage enthusiastic participation without direct instruction and in the absence of judgement.
  • How to allow and provide sensory exploration without a predetermined goal.


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This course is for parents or anyone who looks after young pre-school children.

MindScapes in ChildPlay is a mind-opener showing you how simplicity in activity and material generates the unraveling of endless possibilities. Encouraging this way of play gives your child the best introduction to divergent thinking, which simply put, is the ability to come up with more than one answer to a question, to see various solutions to a problem.

Inherent in this course is the concept of freedom of choice, which, more than discovering individual preferences, delves into the dimensions where talent and potential lie. Through the exploration and expression of this inner core, your child develops initiative, self-reliance and the confidence to be who he or she was born to be.

As the parent, you will discover how to use everyday bits and pieces commonly found in the home to encourage multi-sensory exploration and in turn fire up more and more connections in the brain.

Besides developing a strong imagination, which is an essential foundation for life, there are excellent developmental strengthening benefits to be gained from each activity in the course, which are endorsed by an occupational therapist and biokineticist. These benefits include bilateral integration, co-ordination, patterning, sensory discrimination, propioception and so on.

You will learn how to relax from the misguided need to conform to the norm and instead you will enjoy your parental role in a fun-filled journey led by curiosity and unique potential.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents, care givers and teachers of pre-school children