Jumpstart to Docker, from zero to hero

Jumpstart to Docker, from zero to hero

Docker Platform fundamentals & best practices on Microsoft Azure and DevOps

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to understand containers technology
  • Students will learn how to use docker platform
  • Students will practically understand DevOps using GitLab
  • Students will learn the best practices for using Docker in Microsoft Azure


  • You should have knowledge on some basic Linux commands so you can understand this course easily
  • You should have basic knowledge on Microsoft Azure and creating Virtual Machine


This course covers Docker Platform from the very basics of installation and function to an in depth review of the use cases and advanced features. We will talk about how Docker is architected in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage Linux Containers using the Docker Client. Once we have a good understanding of the basics, we will dive into the advanced use cases and really uncover the power of the entire system. 

It also shows the best practices for installing and using docker on Microsoft Azure.The course also comes with a practical guide to using docker with DevOps.If you apply to this course you’ll be able to setup a web server based on docker too.


  1. Understand Docker platform Images and containers
  2. Setup VM on Azure
  3. Install and configure Docker on VM
  4. Using and experimenting Docker images and containers for most common use cases
  5. Build Docker images with Dockerfile
  6. Shared volumes and port exposition
  7. Overview of Docker0 network
  8. Linking containers to each other
  9. Limiting Memory and CPU usage
  10. Dockerizing Web Apps
  11. Guide to using docker with DevOps

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for developers who want to switch to DevOps
  • This course is for SysAdmins who aim to discover the docker technology
  • This course is for Azure users who want to implement Docker