How to Land Interviews – Retired Exec. Recruiter Tells All

How to Land Interviews – Retired Exec. Recruiter Tells All

You Will Bypass All the Gatekeepers & NOT Burn Any Bridges in the Process! All Trade Secrets Will Be Revealed

What you’ll learn

  • How to Land Your Next Interview and Bypass All the Gatekeepers & Screeners and Not Burn Any Bridges in the Process!
  • 33+ Years of Profiling, Recruiting & Placing Mid to Executive Level Professionals Worldwide
  • USA, Canada, South America, Europe, India, Middle East, Far East, Australia and New Zealand
  • I will Take You Step-by-Step Through Each Phase of the Hiring Process


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I will take You Step by Step by Step & Side by Side Through Each Phase of Your Hiring Process

You Will Get Everything I know

Select the Company Where You Wish to Work

How to Choose the Department Where You’ll Be Working

How to Uncover the Executive Who Will Be Interviewing and Hiring You

How to Make the Gatekeeper Your New Best Friend

How to Proceed to Your Interview

Section One

Insider Techniques That You Won’t Get from Anywhere Else

Recruiters Will Never Tell You That’s For Sure

What Others Are Saying

No More Wasting Time

No More Frustration

No More Guesswork

No Information Overload – Let’s Keep It Simple

What You Really Need

Not Rocket Science

Section Two

Your Current Career Situation – And What to Do About it

Underemployed and Need to Move On – But Have No Idea How to Make That Happen

Laid Off – Now What? What This is Costing You

Thought You’ve Done Everything You Could Do? You Have Not

Resume Submitted – Nothing Happens – Why Not?

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) What’s That?

Key Words: What? Where? Why? & How?

My Resume’s Been Accepted! Good News? Not Necessarily!

What About Recruiters?

The “Machine”

Your Resume – How Long?

Not Your Typical Recruiter

Section Three

Your “Road Map” To Your Next Interview-

Your “Target Company”

LinkedIn = Lifeline

LinkedIn Profile – What to Include?

Free Headline Analyzer

LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Recommendations: Giving? Getting?

Accomplishments & Achievements

Your LinkedIn Profile vs. Your

Resume?LinkedIn Don’ts

Social Media

Section Four

How to Get Past All the Gatekeepers & Not Burn Any Bridges in the Process

Target Company: Who Are You Connected To?

Networking –  Hiring Exec’s

The Department/Organization Where You’ll Be Working

Identify the Executive Who Heads Up Your New Organization

Uncover Your Executives Administrative Assistant– The Gatekeeper

How to Make the Gatekeeper Your New Best Friend

Winning – Time Tested (Free) Scripts for the Gatekeeper

The “Magic” Thank You Note

Section Five

How to Answer the Famous “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

You Must Be Fully Prepared to Answer This Critical Question

The Age Old “Elevator Speech”

45 Seconds to a Minute

Practice – Record – Video!

Real World Elevator Pitch Examples You Can Use Today

Do’s and Don’ts

When on the Phone – Stand Up

Section Six

Advance to Your Interview

Respect & Integrity

Be Honest

Follow Up

Learn All You Can About Your Hiring Executive

The All-Important Role of the Gatekeeper

Never Try to Go Around the Gatekeeper

The “Unspoken Words”

Use Basic Manners

When to Call

Can’t Miss (Free) Scripts for The Hiring Manager

Some Final Thoughts

Run! Don’t Walk! From Anyone Who Promises to Get You A Job

More LinkedIn Don’ts

Special One Time Bonus

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Expand Your Career

Why Should You Join LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups Are One of The Most Powerful Aspects of The LinkedIn Platform

Start with Your Own Industry

Targeted Groups

Browse Members

Message Members for Free

Who’s Posting? What Are They Saying?

Help Others

Expose Your Expertise

Content = Connections

Become a ‘Thought Leader’

Become an Industry Expert

Answer Questions

Contribute to the Conversation

The #1 Reason for Joining Groups

LinkedIn Recognizes their Key Contributors

LinkedIn + Google = Unbelievable Algorithms

How Many Groups Should You Join?

How Large a Group to Join?

What is the Ideal Number?

Where Do Savvy, Successful Recruiters Lurk?

How to Evaluate a Groups Quality

What are the Rules?

How Many Two-Way Discussions?

Expand Connections

Active Group Members Get 4 Times the Views

Employer Visibility

Your Visibility and Your Current Company


What’s Searchable?

Never Ask This

A Kiss of Death

Who this course is for:

  • New & Experienced Hiring Managers, Supervisors & Executives