How to Audit Google Ads in Just 10 Minutes

How to Audit Google Ads in Just 10 Minutes

Identify and eliminate waste in your Google Ads search, and display campaigns FAST!

What you’ll learn

  • Find and eliminate waste in Google Search Campaigns
  • Block searches that don’t pertain to your business
  • Get the highest quality placements possible from the Google Display Network
  • Block apps from wasting your Google Display budget


  • Must have access to an active Google Ads account
  • You do not need to be a Google Ads expert!


If you are a graphic designer, marketing professional, or business owner looking to better understand what people are searching for that triggers your search ads, or one of my favorites, where your Google display ads are actually appearing, with this short course, in under ten minutes, you will identify two of the deepest money holes in Google Ads and how to stop the waste. 

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Graphic designers
  • Business owners