Crash Course: Virtualization with VMWare Fusion 8.0

Crash Course: Virtualization with VMWare Fusion 8.0

Gain the knowledge of Virtualization and why you should learn how to properly use VMWare.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the idea of Virtualization
  • Evaluate the drawbacks and benefits to Virtualization
  • Understand how to navigate VMWare Fusion 8.0
  • Successfully install 2 virtual machines; Windows and Linux
  • Effectively optimize a virtual machine to run smoothly


  • No specific Virtualization knowledge will be required however you should be familiar with operating systems(installation and optimization), the hardware you have at hand to use, and some minor network understanding will be beneficial.


*This is a Mac specific course. I will create a Windows version soon.*

Virtualization may be a new term to you, but it is becoming an important one. Whether you are a curious high school student wanting to try your hand at a Linux operating system, or an advanced individual working for an IT department in a large company, you can benefit from knowing how to properly setup a virtual computer system or network. This will be a crash course on the topic but you will be outfitted with the skills and tools needed to progress into more advanced information and with the right resources, setup a complete virtual computer lab in your home.

Best student for the course:

This course is an introduction to virtualization and a program called VMWare Fusion. Having no prior knowledge of what virtualization is will not limit your potential at learning this course, however it is recommended that you have prior knowledge in:

  1. Operating System installation
  2. Optimizing a Windows computer
  3. Managing resources on a computer

Why take this course?

Anyone, regardless of age, that is remotely interested in a career in computer science is encouraged to enroll in this course. The idea of virtualization is becoming more and more prominent as we continue moving towards an ‘always connected’ society thanks to ‘the cloud.’ Having the knowledge of establishing and maintaining a virtualized computer system will be a valuable resource and help in advancing in your chosen field.

Who this course is for:

  • Virtualization is a large concept, that for the most part is still relatively “new” to the IT world. There will be complications for anyone who wants to learn Virtualization from hardware compatibility to software issues to network connectivity and many others. This course will cover all that is required to help someone get started in creating virtual servers/machines and connecting them to other computers on their network. If you are an individual that gets frustrated easily when things don’t go right, I would advise against enrolling into this course. None the less, what would IT be without the headache?