Architect Scale-able Enterprise Applications in Angular

Architect Scale-able Enterprise Applications in Angular

Learn Angular 6-8 for large scale systems, configurations, service interceptors, data encryption and more

What you’ll learn

  • Understand about large scale application development in angular 6
  • Can configure applications as per environment
  • Logging and Error handling in right way – exportable logging to sentry or other servers
  • Work delegation to different components to make things faster, reliable and efficient
  • System workflows, data interactions, OOPs for component level access
  • Saving the data in browser storage in right way
  • PubSub factories for observable data and cache changes
  • Recoverable cache and authentication logics
  • MQTT real-time light weight Queue interactions


  • angular basics
  • angular 2,4 or 5
  • Basic HTML, CSS, Typescripts
  • Business applications understanding


You will get understanding of dividing the code in different module to scale at large levels. You will learn different aspects of using the different components like services, HTTP interceptors, local storage, encryption, on the fly cache, cache synchronisation, Push notification systems, binding the components in single layouts, layout structuring basics and much more.

Who this course is for:

  • Any good programmer, enthusiast in Angular willing to develop the enterprise applications.
  • A working person in industry needs to develop large scale applications
  • Person having Architecture level interest in Angular or any system
  • Modularization of large scale applications