Android app monetization (free version)

Android app monetization (free version)

Learn to monetize android app by coding

What you’ll learn

  • Make thousands of dollars every month from your android app
  • Choose the right method of monetization for your particular app and implement it through code


  • If you already have an app on play store you can use it throughout the course to monetize it but it’s not required (You can download dummy app project files inside course to learn code implementation and test effectiveness)


Android app monetization course covers different monetization methods with code implementation in depth.

“This course was an eye opener for me. I had no idea that there are so many ways to make app monetization possible! Simply awesome.. The course pace was good, the contents were very informative and the code samples were really great! Overall it was a great learning experience for me!” –Bhibash Roy

“Wow there are so many ways to make money with android apps. Thanks to Amit for making such an awesome course to explain different monetization types with step by step videos, really awesome. I would recommend this course if you are serious to make money with android apps.” -Suresh Paleti

“Goes into great detail on the various ways to generate revenue from your apps. The course is presented in a clear and intelligible format.” -Shawn Newbury

Many android app developers face problem in  an implementation of monetization codes like In app purchase, ads etc. So we have covered such topics  in depth.  

“Learn to monetize android apps through coding”

“First, we will go through 10 different ways of android app monetization, trends of android app monetization in Industry, We will see androids standard  Trivial drive app, then we will build 2 apps from scratch that is  Simple In-app purchase app and password hacking app or video tutorial selling app, this is not the end of course, we got many more topics to cover which we will add in upcoming days”      

  “Only course on android app monetization with code implementation”

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners who are interested in monetization of android apps
  • This course is not intended for those who are more advanced or who have already studied different types of code implementation for android app monetization