6th Grade Math Class “Exponents and Powers”

6th Grade Math Class “Exponents and Powers”

Exponents and Powers

What you’ll learn

  • 6th Grade Math Class “Exponents and Powers”


  • 5th Grade Math knowledge will be enough to follow this EXPONENTS and POWERS course.


In this course you will learn specifically for 6th graders and for all other Math Lovers

How to Read and Write Exponential Numbers

How to use exponents

What are the Common Mistakes to be careful

How to use Scientific Notation

“0” and “1” to the Power

How to Compare exponential numbers

How many “0” and “DIGITs” are there in exponential numbers?

And to solve Word Questions about exponential numbers

Who this course is for:

  • This math class is prepared for 6th Grade students who want to learn and be master in EXPONENTS and POWERS. You will be able to develop or improve yourself in EXPONENTS and POWERS.